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Films can take us into environments and situations that we never imagined. They have the ability to help us change opinions and attitudes.   By far films are the most powerful educational tools that exist today, because they remove us from our protected realities and encourage us to reflect on the experience of others.

Watermark Production is uniquely positioned to help first time filmmakers. Our desire is to help facilitate the production of your film project, assisting in budgeting, development, production and post-production and tailor our services to your own specific needs and budget. 


In Phase I for example, the focus is to evaluate your script, look-book, and potential prospects to finance your film.


In Phase II, the focus is on setting up your film as a legal entity, production budgeting, casting, scheduling, location selection, permitting, tax incentive strategy, crew hiring, wardrobe, make-up, art, props, monitoring for legal, clearances and budgeting issues etc.


In Phase III the focus is primarily with managing the post-production workflow, working with vendors and facilities, sound mixing, color correction, music, festival submissions and premiere strategy, distribution and publicity, social media strategy etc.

Given the easy access to film technology today and the reduced costs of production, underrepresented voices are telling their stories as independent filmmakers. Although the film industry is still governed by an elite few, now is the time for women and other underrepresented groups to take part in generating stories that have never been told. Watermark Production wants to a part of this new social movement by helping to produce a new generation of independent films.

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